Connecting expertise

Centrum Balticum connects experts and expertise in the Baltic Sea region.

Bringing Baltic Sea region expertise and specialists together is in the core of our actions. Our projects, events, publications and other functions are above all fora for sharing and exchanging expert know-how.

A great amount of expertise is concentrated in our projects. The areas of our expertise range from Baltic Sea protection to cooperation with Russia and to the governance and implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region. 

The annual Baltic Sea Region Forum is our largest and most well-known event. The Forum gathers experts and stimulates discussions on a given theme. Almost 300 people participate in the Forum yearly. Our other events also provide platforms for exchange of expert knowledge.

Our most well-known publication is the weekly column "Pulloposti" (only in Finnish) which discusses the development of the Baltic Sea region from the point of view of experts from many different fields. 

In the BSR Policy Briefing series specialists from different fields discuss their area of expertise in depth and give policy recommendations to the region's policy makers.

Baltic Sea Region Forum 2019

The 12th Baltic Sea Region Forum gathers experts in Turku on 25 March 2019.

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There are hundredrs of Baltic Sea region experts in our expert network.