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11.06.2018 Clean Shipping Project Platform (CSHIPP) approved for funding

Centrum Balticum is involved in Clean Shipping Project Platform (CSHIPP) that has been approved for funding by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme on 6 June 2018. In CSHIPP seven EU-funded projects dealing with clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region cooperate to maximize the influence of their results. Centrum Balticum is one of partners and is in charge of the platform’s communications. The partnership is led by University of Turku.

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28.05.2018 Regulation of sea-based measures in the Baltic Sea requires state cooperation

Centrum Balticum / Baltic Area Legal Studies BALEX together with Vahanen Environment Oy has assesed in a study, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment of Finland, potential measures that could be used to mitigate and manage the internal nutrient reserves in the Baltic Sea.

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18.05.2018 ”The keyword is cooperation” – the 11th Baltic Sea Region Forum brought together experts from politics, science and economics

Centrum Balticum Foundation’s 11th Baltic Sea Region Forum, organised at Turku School of Economics on May 14 2018, gathered over 200 experts from the fields of politics, science and economics. The Forum was opened by Centrum Balticum’s Director Kari Liuhto, Mayor of Turku Minna Arve and Managing Director of Turku Chamber of Commerce Kaisa Leiwo.

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20.04.2018 ECOPRODIGI is now Flagship of EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

ECOPRODIGI has been adopted as one of the Flagships of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) on 17 April 2018. The Flagship status emphasises the importance of the project at wider European level and supports the project communications for which Centrum Balticum is responsible for.

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26.04.2017 Can engineering save the Baltic Sea?

Nutrient reserves in the seabed of the Baltic Sea is one of the topics discussed in the 11th annual Baltic Sea Region Forum on 14 May in Turku.

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24.04.2018 Digitalisation as an opportunity to the Baltic Sea Region?

Why is digitalisation so significant a topic to the maritime sector in the Baltic Sea Region and how should maritime industry answer to the challenge of digitalisation? These topics will be discussed in the 11th Baltic Sea Region Forum on 14 May in Turku.

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28.03.2018 Get to know the new executive manager for the Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea!

In December 2017, Tove Holm joined Centrum Balticum as the new executive manager for the Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea. Part of her work is also coordinating the Baltic Sea Challenge network.

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26.03.2018 Project news: Making the Finnish maritime cluster a global leader

Finnish maritime cluster has the potential to become a global leader, and a forerunner in sustainability and digitalisation. In the beginning of this year, an EU-funded Finnish Maritime Cluster project kicked off to support different stakeholders. The aim is to encourage maritime sector actors to create innovations through collaboration. Centrum Balticum is in charge of the project communications.

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22.03.2018 Hybrid threats, digitalisation and environmental cooperation - register now to the Baltic Sea Region Forum 2018

"Tensions will not disappear until the crisis in Ukraine is solved", analyses Timo Soini, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and one of the keynote speakers in the Baltic Sea Region Forum 2018. This year, the forum will focus on the Baltic Sea Region cooperation during challenging times. Panellists and participants are invited to share thoughts on challenges, problems and possibilites in the region.

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