BSR economies

Centrum Balticum publishes Baltic Sea region countries key economic indicators.

The Baltic Sea region has over 100 million inhabitants and it is one of the world's most competitive economic regions and the countries do well in international rankings in entrepreneurship and ease of business. The Baltic Sea region's political and economic environment is stable and the labour force is exceptionally highly educated and language proficient.

Despite multiple unifying factors the economies of the region differ from each other in many ways. The BSR Economies section combines the country specific data of 10 Baltic Sea region countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Russia and Estonia. The country-specific data include the key economic indicators: gross domestic product, inflation, average annual wage, unemployment, exports, imports, foreign investments, general government surplus or deficit.

The data is collected by the Pan-European Institute in the University of Turku as part of their research procedures and maintained and published by Centrum Balticum. The data is updated regularly and the data allows examination of longer term developments and changes.

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