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Tapahtumat ja tilaisuudet

Itämeren alueen yhteistyöhön ja kehitykseen liittyviä tapahtumia ja tilaisuuksia meiltä ja muilta.


ReGeneration 2030 Summit, 18-20 August 2018, Åland Islands

The summit – organised and led by numerous organisations and partners in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region – is designed as a meeting place meeting place where the youth discuss and propose solutions to reach the UN sustainable development goals.


tulevaisuuden merenkulun osaamis- ja koulutustarpeet 21.8.2018, Helsinki

Suomen Varustamot järjestää elokuussa tilaisuuden, jonka tarkoituksena on koota keskeisiä merenkulkualan toimijoita hahmottelemaan, millaista osaamista tulevaisuuden merenkulussa tarvitaan, ja miten nämä muuttuvat osaamistarpeet vaikuttavat annettavaan merenkulun koulutukseen.


"Blue Biotechnology in Baltic Sea Region – from Science to Business" conference, August 22 -24 2018, Greifswald, Germany

The conference is part of the project "Baltic Blue Biotech Alliance", funded by EU INTERREG BSR. The initiative represents a step forward in the implementation of the BLUE GROWTH strategy of the European Union. Up to 120 scientists, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from the public and the private sector will attend. There is no registration fee for your participation.


World Water Week, 26 August-1 September 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual focal point for the globe's water issues. It is organized by SIWI and will this year address the theme "water and waste - reduce and reuse".


OceansTrends 2018 29.-30.8.2018, Sweden

Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Ocean - Supportive Technologies and Future Trends


Save the Baltic Sea for real 5.9.2018, Brussels

Hand in hand with the Informal Batlic Sea Group in the European Parliament, the EUSBSR and the Baltic Sea Commission of the CPMR, SEARICA will organise a discussion on how to save the Baltic Sea just after summer break.


Routes4U Meeting for the Baltic Sea Region 6.-7.9.2018, Oslo

The meeting will contribute to identify the regional needs of the Baltic Sea Region with regard to the Cultural Routes Programme in the framework of the Routes4U Project.


Baltic Ports Conference 2018, 6-7-9.2018, Poland

The event is a key item on Baltic Ports Organization’s agenda and has long served as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience between the members of the European and Baltic maritime community.


The 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium, 17-21 September 2018, Ostend, Belgium

EMBS53 aims at linking the history, the present and the future of (European) marine biology. This edition will be special, as 2018 is a celebration year in Ostend: the first marine station ever worldwide was inaugurated exactly 175 years ago, in Ostend, by professor Pierre-Joseph Van Beneden. Since then, the world of marine biology has changed dramatically - both in Belgium and Europe - especially in relation to used technologies and techniques.


ICES Annual Science Conference 2018, Hamburg, Germany


Vision2020 Maritime & Marine Helix Launch 27-28.9.2018, Malta

This two-day event will bring together academics, researchers and colleagues from business and industry specialised in sea-related topics in order to form new collaborations across the whole sector in readiness for the forthcoming 2019 Horizon 2020 calls.


Sea Tech Week, 8-12 October 2018, Brest, France

The 11th edition of Sea Tech Week will focus on marine bioresources.


Baltic Solution for Plastic Pollution - workshop 8.10.2018, Riga

IUCN and CCB, with the support of the Swedish Postcode Foundation, started a project in the Baltic region. The project that started in February 2017, with a planned duration of two years, is being carried out by IUCN in partnership with leading regional experts, members of academia, research institutes and grassroots organizations.


ICES/UNECE Symposium on Management tools and standards in support of Sustainable Development Goal 14 ''Life below water'', 9-12 October 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland

The symposium creates an opportunity for managers, policy developers and researchers to review concepts and address scientific, policy and regulatory challenges of operationalizing the ecosystem-based management through the use of technical standards and risk management approaches​.


Itämeri ja ilmastonmuutos -toimittajakoulutus 9.10.2018, Hanko

Ilmastonmuutoksen ja ihmisen toiminnan takia lisääntyvät Itämeren hapettomat pohja-alueet tuovat mukanaan ongelmia, mikä ratkaisuksi? Miten rannikkomme ravinnecocktail on muutoksessa? Kuinka vähennämme Itämeren kuormitusta kierrättämällä peltojen ravinteita? Miltä Itämeren alueen tulevaisuus näyttää ilmastonmuutoksen ja eri sosioekonomisten tekijöiden valossa?


Kansalaisten Eurooppa: Making Waves -kontaktiseminaari 9.-12.10.2018, Gdansk

Seminaari on suunnattu järjestöjen, kuntien ja aluehallinnon toimijoille, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita toteuttamaan hankkeita EU:n Kansalaisten Eurooppa -ohjelman rahoituksella, ja jotka etsivät hankekumppaneita joko omaa hanketta varten tai ovat kiinnostuneita lähteä kumppaniksi jonkun muun vetämään hankkeeseen. Seminaarikielenä on englanti, joten osallistujilta edellytetään käytännön englannin kielitaitoa. Kouluenglanti on aivan riittävä taso.


Finnish Maritime Cluster - Tulevaisuustyöpaja

Suomen Meriklusteri ja Centrum Balticum -säätiö järjestävät yhteistyössä tulevaisuustyöpajan suomalaisen meriklusterin tulevaisuudesta.


Nordic Seaweed Conference 2018, 10-11 October 2018, Grenaa, Denmark

Join the Nordic Seaweed Conference 2018: be inspired by top speakers and gain knowhow within seaweed for feed, food, offshore cultivation, biorefinery of seaweed and much more. Register by 8 September 2018!


International Conference China and the “Wider” Eastern Europe Centre for East Asian Studies, 11-12 October 2018,Turku, Finland

The conference China and the Wider Eastern Europe will be held at the Centre for East Asian Studies(CEAS), University of Turku,Finland. We welcome senior researchers and PhD candidates studying Chinese engagement with Eastern Europe to present their work. Other interested professionals,media,and representatives offirms are encouraged to participate in discussions and networking events.The conference is organized in co-operation with the University of Helsinki and the Confucius Institute of the University of Helsinki.


NEPTUNE Showcase Event 17.10.2018, Brussels

This event intends to share the main results of the NEPTUNE project, providing to the beneficiaries of the accelerator the opportunity to present their innovative project to a large audience made of large enterprises, EU officials, potential investors and business partners, etc.


EU Water conference 2018 20-21.10

The 5th European Water Conference aims to present and discuss progress in the implementation of EU water legislation. The event is jointly organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment and the forthcoming Austrian EU Presidency.


Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation, 23-25 October 2018, Norrköping, Sweden

Climate change affects all the Nordic countries, and can make us more vulnerable. But there are many ways society can prepare for this. A Nordic conference will allow various stakeholders to get together, and be inspired by solutions to the problem of climate change. It will take place in Norrköping, Sweden, from 23 to 25 October.


Energia 2018- messut 23.-25.10.2018 Tampere

Ammattilaistapahtuma kokoaa jälleen Tampereelle 23.–25.10.2018 eri energiamuotojen keskeiset vaikuttajat ja teknologioiden edustajat. Ala hakee aktiivisesti keinoja ilmastonmuutoksen hillitsemiseen niin teollisuuden, kiinteistöjen ja liikenteen energiatehokkuudesta kuin kiertotaloudesta ja innovaatiokyvykkyydestä.


ECOPRODIGI seminar 24.10.2018, Copenhagen

ECOPRODIGI seminar on digital and eco-efficient shipping in the Baltic Sea Region!


Research and innovation for sustainability 6.11.2018, Copenhagen

The 7th BONUS Forum and the 8th HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan Stakeholder Conference


21st Ballast Water Management Conference 7.-8.11.2018, The Netherlands

ACI’s 21st Ballast Water Management Conference will once again bring together senior executives and experts from Shipping Companies, technology providers, leading associations and top service providers to discuss the latest challenges and developments, making an impact on the industry.


Multiple drivers for Earth system changes in the Baltic Sea region 26.-27.11.2018, Tallinn

The Baltic Sea region is characterized by heavy anthropogenic pressures. These include eutrophication, air and water pollution, fisheries, shipping, land cover change, changes in hydrological pathways, acidification and deoxygenation. Regional warming and its associated changes like declining sea ice cover, sea level rise, changing precipitation and runoff patterns as well as changing frequencies and/or amplitudes of high impact events like storm surges, floods, drought and heat periods, all are expected to have an impact on the anthropogenic changes, and maybe vice versa.


CommOCEAN 2018 4-5-12.2018, Southampton

3rd International Marine Science Communication Conference.

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