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11.6.2015 11.12

EU:n Itämeren alueen strategia, toimintasuunnitelma (2015)

Päivitetyn toimintasuunnitelman sisällöstä sovittiin jäsenmaiden kesken helmikuussa 2015.

A revised Action Plan for the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

With a view to concentrate and focus better on the three objectives of the Strategy, an extensive consultation with Member States concerned and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region was carried out in 2014 and early 2015. Following that, a revised Action Plan of the EUSBSR was agreed with Member States in February 2015. It is more streamlined and focused, and also includes a chapter on the role of regional organisations/networks. 

This Action Plan comprises 13 policy areas and 4 horizontal actions, which represent the main areas where the EUSBSR can contribute to improvements, either by tackling the main challenges or by seising key opportunities of the region.

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