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11.02.2019 15:00

Funding for projects – Centrum Balticum keeps communicating to and about the Baltic Sea region

Centrum Balticum has gained a good amount of expertise as a Baltic Sea region communicator, and by being in charge of several communications projects. In 2019 we stay on the same track, as two project applications were approved for funding! This means that we both continue the project Let’s communicate! responsible for communicating the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), and start something new in the form of a communications campaign about EU Cohesion Policy's results in the Baltic Sea region.

The project Let’s communicate! kicked off in autumn 2016 and ever since has coordinated and developed the internal and external communications of the EUSBSR. It has produced a great deal of positive results, and was approved for funding in February 2019 to continue its activities and the good work. As Centrum Balticum is the lead partner the project places us in the core of the EUSBSR. Through the project we can strengthen and increase the impact of the Strategy. The project is funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Programme.

This year, we will start something completely new, too. The project “Cohesion through EUSBSR” is a communications campaign that puts EU-funded projects and their beneficiaries in the forefront. This multichannel campaign will use storytelling to give cohesion policy and EUSBSR human faces and shows the positive results they bring to the Baltic Sea region. This project is funded by DG Regio.

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