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11.06.2018 10:16

Clean Shipping Project Platform (CSHIPP) approved for funding

Centrum Balticum is involved in Clean Shipping Project Platform (CSHIPP) that has been approved for funding by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme on 6 June 2018. In CSHIPP seven EU-funded projects dealing with clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region cooperate to maximize the influence of their results. Centrum Balticum is one of partners and is in charge of the platform’s communications. The partnership is led by University of Turku.

The concerns about environment and sustainability are rising and new regulations are changing the maritime sector. CSHIPP brings together projects and organizations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region and facilitates the communication between its key target groups: research, business and policy-making. 

The Platform activities revolve around two key themes: the environmental effects of shipping and the business potential in clean shipping. CSHIPP increases the capacity of key maritime actors by offering fresh knowledge about the latest developments in the field of BSR clean shipping.

Read more about the Platform projects at the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme's website.

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