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13.11.2018 14:34

Anders Ahnlid: Defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden is important to both parties

Ambassador of Sweden to Finland Anders Ahnlid visited Turku on Finnish Swedish Heritage Day 6.11.2018. He gave a speech in a luncheon seminar organized by Centrum Balticum Foundation and City of Turku. Theme of the seminar was the defence cooperation between Sweden and Finland in the Baltic Sea region. After the seminar Ahnlid also gave a lecture hosted by Pan European Institute at Turku School of Economics.

Ahnlid ja Kattelus
Ambassador of Sweden Anders Ahnlid and Chairperson of the Turku City Board Lauri Kattelus discussed the defence cooperation between Sweden and Finland
Common security situation

Ambassador Ahnlid stated that Finland and Sweden are important partners in foreign and security policy. The countries share a similar regional security situation that is affected for instance by Russian geopolitical ambitions. Both countries have an increased emphasis on national defence and defence cooperation.

Defence cooperation on many levels

Ahnlid told about the increased defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden. Memorandum of understanding covering peace, crisis and war was signed on July 2018. The agreement enables the use of each other’s air fields and harbors in peacetime. The countries participate in each other’s national exercises and make joint contributions to international exercises. The agreement also covers the cooperation on international peace keeping and civil crisis management as well as the exchange of officers and public civil servants on several levels.

Finland and Sweden are both involved in Nordic defence cooperation and they also have a trilateral agreement on cooperation with the United States.

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